Brian Moreau: eArt: Creator and Maker of Electronic Art: and 'Things'

Face Blind


or Face Blind if you don’t understand Greek is an interactive device that senses presence. Why it is called this is a long story of its evolution.

It started life as an interactive art piece that magically lights up as you move your hand over or near it.

The device has been built using generally unconventional methods using the latest in smart materials to track movement in near space.

The original program simply mimicked your movements and then I decided to program it to understand hand gestures such as directional swipes that can be used to control a robot or any other device.

In order to do this I decided to represent the data output into a visual form that I could understand. It simply drew various graphs representing the values of the sensors.


Display Option


Glow Effect


Visualisations of Data in Line, Circle and Bar Graph output options

Soon I realised that the device actually receives signals form an unknown source and the signal strength and pattern varied according to time of day. Oddly I found the signal was more active at night time.

I wasn’t long before I became mesmerised by the visualisations that appeared to be harmonious so I then became wondrous about how it might sound.  

I thus decided to set about converting the data into MIDI so that the data could be played as musical notes.

Thus MIDI ACKER was born.