Brian Moreau: eArt: Creator and Maker of Electronic Art: and 'Things'

MIDI Acker


MIDI ACKER or MIDI FIELD converts the data stream received from Prosopo into MIDI data so that it can be used as a musical instrument.

The sound was instantly astonishing and equally intriguing as the visualisations.
What was apparent was the fact that is was not like you might expect it to be, it wasn’t random like a child banging notes on a keyboard but had definite pattern and structure to the notes being played.

As Prosopo continually receives data even when no human interaction is taking place it literally plays itself.

The data from Prosopo also changes according to its location so I am now planning to move it to different places such as open fields, beaches and rivers to see what energy can be received and what the different locations sound like.

I am also interested in collaborating with experimental musicians particularly those of the modular things or any performance looking to create a more interactive and visually stunning display.

Just in case you’re confused Prosopo receives a currently unknown source of energy, not sound. The energy or signals are converted into data, visualisations and sound.

Watch and listen to the first test performance.

Prosopo meets Midi Acker from Brian Moreau on Vimeo.