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Face Blind


is a device that enables the operator to produce patterns and shapes on a modified tube television.

I must confess this isn’t a unique idea, nor was it actually my idea to build it for which credit must go to @SPK
She came to me after seeing a you tube video of someone else who had hacked a TV into a crude oscilloscope. Having previously been a TV Video repair engineer I was immediately horrified by the dangers of such a project but as it turns out it is something that can be achieved without danger if you know exactly what you are doing.

So we decided to expand on the original idea and produce something that is versatile and looks like a professional instrument.

The resulting device has user controls for changing the pattern and making shapes.
We discovered it is possible to make quite well defined circles, squares and even triangles.
There is also an option to plug in an audio device such as iPhone and watch your music play.

Shape O Scope