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A collection of the products I have produced both hardware and software solutions for home and business.





Computer Controlled Devices 

The M5StickC is a new device from M5STACK

It is based on the ESP32 and comprises of inbuilt screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BLE, Accelerometer and Gyroscope.

This is just a demo program


ESP8266 WiFi Enabled
Twitter Search Enabled LED Belt Buckle



Computer Controlled Devices 

Wi-Fi Enable your LED Belt Buckle and display Tweets from Twitter.
Using this very small and cheap ESP8266-01 Wi-Fi Module you can Twitter Enable your LED Belt Buckle.



Particle Electron IoT Device GPS


Computer Controlled Devices 

The Particle Electron is a new prototype device for the Internet of things (IoT)
Theirs plenty of these about but this one boasts cellular connectivity.
Yes it can connect to mobile telephone networks allowing your devices to become truly mobile.


Prosopo-Tyflous { fAce blind }

Interactive Art

No this doesn’t make you blind but rather act as an eye.

This multipurpose electronic device incorporates the latest in smart materials to sense presence and movement.

This presence is converted into a multicoloured array of light which mimic your movements.



Twitter Search API


Twitter Search API

A demonstration web application to search for tweets matching particular search terms. Great for finding out about local and global news.
Also very functional for business to keep informed about trends applicable to your business, product and or services.

Twitter Search Live Feed Demo

Internet Controlled Devices

Computer Controlled Devices 

Simple demonstrations of how remote devices can be controlled over the internet either manually or automatically.

Solutions for activating groups of remote devices such as with tsunami warning systems and an option where many users may operate a single device.

Social Devices (THINGS)

Social Devices

Social Devices are items that are connected to private and public networks.
They can integrate with existing social platforms such as twitter and fabebook as well as form private networks for our homes or businesses.

Social Devices can be wearable tech such as fitness monitors and google glass or detached devices that we may place anywhere in our homes or offices.

Website for photographers

Photography Website

An example of a personal photography website
I have designed this with the following features.
Private and public galleries.
The concept is simple, public galleries enable you to show off your works of art while the private galleries allow photos you have taken for a client to remain private or only viewable by people you grant access to.
An admin page allows you to manage the galleries and photos and create logins for clients.

Tweet scheduler


Tweet scheduler

I originally designed a tweet scheduler in order to market myself. The project became an overnight wonder that I decided to share.
It is designed to be ultra easy to use requiring no registration, simply sign into twitter and that is it.

Ideal for businesses to schedule tweets for specific times about there latest products and services. It is also good for article marketers to repeatedly tweet their articles.

Tweet scheduler

Your Project

Your Idea

Have you visualised an idea but are unsure how to implement it?
Let me help you transform your idea into a finished working product.

I can provide both hardware and software based solutions on many platforms and technologies from simple websites to programmed electronic devices.

If you want bells to ring when you get a mention on Twitter, then yes I can do that :)

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