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M5StickC Demo
October 2019

The M5StickC is a new device from M5STACK
It is based on the ESP32 and comprises of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BLE, Accelerometer and Gyroscope

Now I am not usually a fan of platforms that are pre-packaged however this device boasts some useful inbuilt accessories.

I think I was initially attracted to this unit because it was Orange however rather disappointingly the strap for the watch kit although Orange on the marketing and order photo came Red!

It can be programmed very easily using the Arduino IDE and the library makes easy use of the inbuilt display and sensors.
There is no need to wire up a display and try to determine what library you should use; this thing just works.

Unfortunately, M5Stack haven’t released a PIN MAP yet although the PIN reference is printed on the back which is a nice touch.
Also there doesn’t appear to be any reference for the various fonts so some experimentation is required and I was unable to get the inbuilt Hall Effect Sensor readings to change, although I didn’t really have  a very big magnet to hand but the problem may be because of the inbuilt magnet!

I think for development this device is very useful, the screen can be used very easily to display information, the inbuilt IMU allows you to easily detect motion, BLE and Wi-Fi provide comprehensive communication.

Summary of the specs:

Processor: ESP32 Dual Core 240Mhz
Memory: 4MB Flash
Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth: v4.2 BR/EDR and BLE
IR transmitter
6 Axis IMU
LCD 160x80 (0.96 inch)
80 mAh Lipo Battery
Grove Port

Arduino Code

My demo code for the video shown is aviable on GITHUB

M5StickC Arduino Library



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M5StickC Review and Demo
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