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Photography More than a hobby
Photography is one of my hobbies so to demonstrate a website photo gallery presentation I have created these galleries.

Java Script Gallery
The galleries are written in Java Script and while they may not be as glamorous or as smooth as a traditional Flash based gallery they are fully functional in all Java Script enabled browsers.
The galleries also work on most if not all mobile phone browsers including the iPhone. Yes you poor iPhone users usually miss out on any Flash based presentations but this gallery will work.

Yes my photography skills certainly need improving but I am also working on a new and improved Java Script Gallery. Details of this can be found here. Photography Website
Increase your search engine visibility using images
I have also used this section to demonstrate how important it is to use images on your website and how that can increase your ranking or search visibility.

To demonstrate how I have mastered this try a search for  get better google ranking using images and photos on yoru website on Google.
You will notice that as well as some website links photos are also displayed in the results.
You can switch to Image Search mode if you like but in both cases my photo of get better google ranking using images and photos on yoru website is the first one that is returned.

How have I achieved this?
Well it’s very simple but unfortunately I am not going to tell you but I will tell you that this can be applied to Business Names and Logos.

Please contact me to discuss how I can get your photo or your business website image or logo ranked number 1 on Google.

Photo Galleries

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Noting Hill Carnival 2009

The Sun Pavilion
Scate boarding
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Noting Hill Carnival
Jean Nouvel


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