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Famous people (maybe)
Do you know who any of these people are?
Possible reward for anyone you can name.

Funny story how I got these photos. I’m no paparazzi and don’t normally have an interest in celebrities or famous people never mind want to take pictures of them.
I was out at a (dare I admit) a singles event at Digress, a funky bar in Soho London.

When I arrived at the bar I was surprised to find how busy it was, I had a couple of drinks and chatted to some friendly people, I was too embarrassed to ask if anyone was from the same singles event and looking around I was not convinced anybody was, especially the couple who looked like they were about to have sex right where they were sitting, either that or they had clicked real fast. Many of the ladies looked more dressed for a party.

I decided to check I was in the right place and loaded up the details on my mobile phone from the group’s website. (wonders of modern technology huh) It was then I realised I had failed to read the small print and learned the group were actually meeting in the basement.
I asked the bar staff for directions and headed on down.
Instantly the atmosphere changed, can’t put my finger on it and wouldn’t want to offend anyone. I had another drink chatted briefly to a couple of people but very quickly became bored of repeating the same answers to the same questions, like where are you from, what do you do etc and left!

On the way back to Oxford Circus tube I suddenly got a  great urge to urinate so headed down a dark alley, as I came out the other end I stumbled upon roughly one million people who appeared to be either just waiting in the street or attempting to gain entry into a club. The red carpet was out and some very expensive cars were parked up. I noticed some photographers and got talking to one who told me that Puff Daddy was arriving, some other people said footballers (not a strong subject of mine either) were coming too.

As I had my camera with me so I decided I would try and catch some exclusive shots of these famous people too, and here they are, the only problem I have is who are they?

The last picture was taken at Notting Hill carnival 2009
These two girls were very keen to get in the picture they look great and very natural so I’m sure they are somebody.

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