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I have decided to start a blog.
I cannot say at present what I will be posting here as yet however I won’t be posting status updates or other insignificant comments about my life such as when I am having a cup of Tea.

Blog items are most likely to include events I attend and comments about technology.
I will also add anything else I consider worthy or relevant to the internet or website design that is too short to warrant its own full article.

Events for 2014

Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire, Saturday, 15th November 2014 from 10:00-18:00.
London College Of Communication London SE1 6SB

Kinetica Art Fair 2013
Another visit to this great event where art meets technology.
Kinetica Art

Google Voice Search:
Google Voice Search: Find Mums (April 2012 Not April Fool)

Royal Wedding: The Impact on Technology (29th April 2011)
The Royal wedding dominated the top 10 Tweets on Twitter and Google searches but did the network cope?

Update : January 2011
I am afraid the blog has now grown to a point where it is too large to fit onto one page. I have thus now so called archived each blog entry individually.

Kinetica Art Fair 2011 (February 2011)
Kinetic Art is where mechanics, electronics and visual techniques combine to create art.

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