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Kinetica Art Fair 2011

The Kinetica Art Fair held at the Kinetica museum in London is home to the creation of some very fascinating and curious collections of art that I have ever seen.



What is Kinetic Art?
Kinetic Art is where mechanics, electronics and visual techniques combine to create art.

The artists usually from an engineering background create art that is often inspired from modern day technology itself, it can combine movement, sound, light and illusion to arouse thoughts and feelings in a way a picture or a static sculpture simply can not accomplish.

The art is sometimes interactive; it may react to your movement, sound or even your feelings. Some works can even cause you to react thus achieving basic communication between you and the artwork.

Kenetic Sea
Kenetic Bird
I found the exhibit very visually rewarding and inspiring, I was very intrigued as to how each device came from an idea to the finished product and the science used.
I found having an understanding of the technologies used in a device temporally removed my appreciation of it as art, I say temporally because even with this understanding it is easy to see the wonder in what science and technology can create.
Kenetica Writing on the wall

Forward thinking
Some of these artists have helped solve scientific problems and aided understanding of technologies, science and even nature. The art stretches or expands the use of a device in a way that it was not originally designed to function, this in turn will inspire and help engineers invent new technologies that the artists will further create with.

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Kinetica Art Fair 2011
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