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What is website marketing?

Website marketing also referred to as Internet marketing, web marketing, online marketing or e-marketing is the marketing of products or services over the Internet.

I like to extend this term beyond the Internet because websites can of course be advertised outside of the Internet. I thus like to keep the term Internet marketing and others meaning advertising exclusively on the Internet.

There are an almost unlimited number of methods you can use to advertise your business, different methods suit different business and the method you chose will depend largely on your budget.


Word and mouth

The most basic and cheapest form of advertising is to simply tell people about your website or business, I don’t know the exact figure but the majority of business is conducted through word and mouth. A lot of established small businesses will tell you they do not need to advertise having built a reputation for customer satisfaction.

Business cards and leaflets

We are forgetful people so in addition to telling people about our business we can offer them a business card or leaflet.

I am able to offer fast professional and competitively priced business cards and leaflets. Please contact me for your requirements.

website marketing

Internet marketing

Internet marketing employs several methods and skills to promote your business primarily over the Internet. There are a large number of methods to achieve this.

Search optimisation (SEO)

SEO a speciality of mine involves designing and wording your website so that it is displayed in search results for specific terms. Ideally your website should be displayed ahead of your competitors. SEO is a much discussed subject on the Internet with varied views, I have conducted extensive research into what works and what doesn’t, I have discovered simple tricks you can employ to increase your presence online. Obviously I don’t give away all of my secrets to success but you can ask me to optimise your website and I can almost guarantee increased traffic.

search engine-advertisingSearch advertising

Search advertising is paying Google or MSN for your website to be displayed for given words or keywords as it is known. The keywords may include your business name, names of the services or products you sell and finally if relevant the area your business operates in.

This is not as simple as it sounds because services and products can be called different things by different people, for example someone searching for a laptop computer may type, “computer”, “laptop” or “dell”, they may also include other words such as “cheap”.

You have to try to ascertain what words people will type into a search bar. Sometimes these words change for the same product, words can follow trends, for example we may not search for a games console anymore we search for X-Box and we don’t search for Tablet PC we search for i-Pad.

How dose search advertising work

Display advert
First you carefully word your display advert; this is the advert that will be displayed on the web page when someone uses one or more of your keywords. I say carefully because if the advert doesn’t display what the potential customer was looking for it may not be clicked on. It is not uncommon to have more than one display advert especially if you offer different products or services.

Once your advert is completed you should build a keyword list of your products and services, if you have more than one advert then you will need a corresponding number of keyword lists. Often each advert will link to a specific page on your website corresponding to the product or service displayed on the advert.

Going live
Once your advert and keyword list is complete you can make your advert live. Once live the search-engines will display your advert when your keywords are matched with what was searched for.

Now unfortunately nothing is free, you can’t have your advert displayed every time someone uses your keywords. The number of times your advert will be displayed depends on a number of factors such as how many competitors you have or how many other businesses are using the same keywords. If you are using popular keywords then your advert will probably be rotated meaning it may only be displayed every 10 searches. If you have a niche or use less common keywords then you will increase the number of times your advert is displayed however it will naturally be displayed less often because the keyword is searched for less often by fewer people. The trick is to find popular keywords that few adverts use.

How much dose it cost?
Well this depends entirely on your budget. Adword campaigns can be set up for as little as £100 per month although you must bear in mind that once your monthly budget has been spent your advert will not be displayed anymore that month. Small businesses usually spend between £300 and £500 per month on internet advertising campaigns. Some lager organisations spend several thousand pounds a month, competition for popular words is fierce but the top sites which usually fall into the adult or dating market look for millions of hits per month.

How many visitors will come to my website?
Unfortunately is almost impossible to guarantee a certain number of visitors to your website for the limitation reasons above.

Full control, monitoring and fine-tuning
Your advert can be stopped and started at any time, sometimes only a few months of advertising is all that is needed to gain awareness.
Your advert will be constantly monitored and tweaked usually on a monthly basis based on its performance. Keywords that are not performing can be removed and others carefully chosen.
I will supply you with data that will show how many clicks your advert received for each month.

Banner advertising and link exchanging
Another form of internet marketing is banner advertising or link exchanging. This involves asking or paying for other websites to display your link or banner.
I am able to design custom web banners.

Brian Moreau Photography banner
Article marketing
Article marketing is where you write or employ somebody to write articles relating to topics or services and products you advertise on your website. This may come in the form of a review and will include a link to your website.

Other forms of internet marketing
For larger businesses with larger budgets you may want to consider methods such as TV and radio advertising, outdoor advertising in the form of posters and digital media found on busses and train stations. There are also a number of new and unique methods such as 3D pavement advertising which produces very eye catching results.

Please call me on 07849028000 to discuss your requirements.

Website & Internet marketing
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