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Website design

Now considered essential for ALL businesses
A website is now considered essential for all businesses whether you trade online or not. Potential customers will now in these changing times almost always ask you for you business website address.
Your business should also be able to be found easily online with popular search tools.

Your shop window
Your website is essentially your business shop window, it needs to be able to capture the attention of a passer by and make them stop and ultimately buy.
If visitors do not immediately buy then you must make them remember your website so they will some day return.
Some websites will ask for your email address so that they can keep their customers up to date with new products, services and offers.
Another popular tool is to engage your customers on social networks.

Clear and easy to use
Your website content should be carefully chosen to include all essential information and be clearly defined so visitors can find your services, products and information with minimal effort.

Website design
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