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Solution consultancy

For existing businesses
Not sure how technology can assist your business?
Keeping up with the latest technology is very time consuming for anyone never mind a business that needs to concentrate on their products and sales.

I can look at your business and advise how technology can make your life run faster, smoother and more efficiently, advice on the latest techniques for improving any existing services you may already have.

For new businesses
If you have a new idea but are unsure what you need or how best to launch it then I can help.

I provide expert strategy advice on how to start, implement and maintain an online business.

Everything from choosing a domain name, server hosting options, database setup and maintenance are just some of the items that should be researched prior to launching a successful online business.

Honest and impartial advice
I am not connected with any other service providers and offer complete and impartial advice. I never attempt to provide you with anything other than the essential tools your business need.

IT solution consultancy
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