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Search engine optimisation (SEO)

What is SEO
SEO stands for search engine optimisation, it is the technique employed to increase visibility of your website in search results.

Can you make me number 1?
This is a very in-depth subject and many theories exist on how best to achieve good rankings. Many so called experts will guarantee a first page ranking for your website.
Your raking not only depends on how your website is optimised but largely on the number of competitors you have.
With room for only 10 results per page not every business can obviously be displayed on the first page.

I have developed a clever and simple technique that can often result in first page visibility for particular services and products you sell.
My technique will certainly have you rise above many competitors.

All new websites now fully optimised
All new websites I now design are automatically search engine optimised at no extra cost. SEO conducted at design time is proven to be the most effective and ensures against any major changes to your website after it has already been designed.

Existing websites optimised
I offer a very competitive rate for carrying out SEO to all or certain pages of your website. I will study your competitor’s position, examine your existing position, conduct keyword research, find your niche and make all the necessary changes to improve your ranking.

Search engine optimisation SEO
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