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Google Adwords account management (PPC)

Google is the number 1 search engine for millions of UK customers every day.
They are searching for your products and services.
By running an Adword marketing campaign you increase your exposure to these potential customers by appearing in the prominent positions on the results page, increasing the chances of  a customer visiting your website and thus increase your sales.
  Get your customers attention at teh top of teh search results
Google Adword Marketing Management

Two simple and convenient price plans

Plan A
£45* per month


Quarterly Reports
Quarterly review, analysis and tweaking


Plan B
£85* per month


Monthly Reports
Monthly review, analysis and tweaking

Example of Click Report Graph:
Graphical display of clicks over any time period.
Click Report Graph
Example of Clicks vs Cost Report Data:
Shows you exactly how many times your advert has been displayed and clicked on and what it has cost you.
Click Report

All plans include on setup:

Ad area targeting
Ideal for service providers that only operate in specific UK towns or counties.
Prevents costly clicks from customers that are not in your service area.
Ensures potential customers in your area see your advert more frequently.

Keyword analysis
Ensures you are using the right keyword phrases for your target customers.

Competitor analysis
We have a look at you top competitors and look for opportunities to target the same customers at reduced costs.

Discounts available for multiple accounts and campaigns.

*Cost excludes your advert budget

This is interesting according to search and click statistics people are more likely to search for a cleaner on Thursdays.
Yes we can tell you things like this.

Google Adwords account management
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