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Project : Internet Control

Being able to control remote devices over the internet is not a new idea however my design produces a far more versatile product that can be used in a large variety of applications.

There are a number of devices that you can buy that you can control over the internet. A security camera for example can be plugged into a computer and operated by a remote computer. Functions such as pan and zoom may be controlled.

These devices however are usually limited to a single user control and only specific controls may be changed.

What if it was possible to allow anyone to control the same device, or permit any individual person to control any number of devices all at the same time?

This is exactly the function of the device I have designed.

How it works
The following two diagrams show the two modes of operation as described above.

Allow control of a single device from a number of computers.
This is achieved by everyone sending commands via the same control program or web page. The control page is located on a server connected to the www and everyone who wishes to control the device uses the same control page.

Internet Control by any operator

One operator controls many devices.
This works in a very similar way to multi operator operation above however all connected devices operate simultaneously from the same web control page

Web control many devices

The control mechanism
In more detail the control web page contains a button that is pressed to control the remotely connected device. My prototype has two buttons, one for ON and one for OFF but in production you could have an almost unlimited number of buttons.
Each button is described as a command and this command is stored on the server in a simple text file. A program running on the control computer reads the text file or command and operates the connected device.

It is possible to create groups of control devices so different operators can control individual groups. Equally a number of control operators may be grouped so each group only control devices in that group.

Control commands may be custom designed and user friendly to include terms such as “Switch lounge light on”


Try it for yourself :

The form below will allow you to control an actual device connected to a computer.
Start the live video feed and operate the ON and OFF buttons to watch the LED’s turn on and off.

Internet Control Demo  

Monitor the response via cam opposite.
Click a button to switch the LED's on or off.

Current Status =
Not yet set

Or send custom command :



There are literally thousands of applications where you may wish to control a device over the internet in both the home and industry markets.

One application could be an early warning system for earthquakes or tsunami alerts.
Often sending a warning to remote locations especially in poverty stricken regions is expensive and slow.
This system would allow an official earthquake monitoring station or tsunami warning station to send an alert to a group of receivers in a specific location instantly and very cheaply.

For the home market it allows devices to be controlled over the internet in your own home. Again this is not a new idea and systems already exist solely for home automation. This device however demonstrates how easily and cheaply this can now be achieved and introduces far more flexibility than traditional products.

This device opens up a whole new revolution in the gaming and toy industry.
Forget playing virtual games this device can introduce reality.

Players can actually control a physical device. Imaging for example a real racing car game where players control the real cars and can race against other online players.

The connected devices could not only be controlled by anyone on the internet anywhere in the world but also the devices themselves could control each other. In a warning system for example a form of fail safe communication ring could be implanted where each device passes the message on to the next device in the chain. The last device in the chain passes the massage back to the first one in the chain or the device that gave the original warning. By receiving the message back it knows that everyone in the chain has received the warning.

Imagine the toys all having their own conversation over the internet and reacting according to how other toys act. One command to one toy could start a chain of reactions all over the world.

Major advances in biosensors are also taking place and the device could be modified to allow sensors to be fitted to your body. The commands sent to the devices could give the player sensations and feelings and equally your senses and even emotions could be transmitted back to other people or to other devices over the internet.

I have one or two ideas in the making but they are top secret for now.

My prototype has been developed using a very inexpensive USB experiment input output device that was purchase from a well known high street electronics outlet.
Further details of this device and the control program can be found and downloaded on my electronics page. You may download the control program so you can set up your own control networks.

The next step in development is to design and build my own input output device as the purchased device may not be used for commercial purposes.
It would be possible to make this device very small and it could easily fit inside a standard computer mouse for example.

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