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Technology is finally advancing to a point where we now have the power to broadcast our own Live TV channels.

I experimented with a number of sites that offered mobile live streaming with my old mobile phone however my old Nokia 6120 and Sony Ericson was just not powerful enough to accomplish the task and finding an application that was compatible was also  challenge.

My HTC Desire however appears more than capable of Live Video Streaming. hosts a number of features I was looking for, these include watching live broadcasts via the website, (not tried that on my mobile yet), sharing the stream on Facebook and Twitter and it also allows you to place an embedded player on your own website.

The Embedded Live Video Stream player is on the right.
Note* if I am not broadcasting this app will show previous live broadcasts.

This is an explanation of how easy it is to broadcast your own Live TV channel.

  • First go to bambuser dot com and create an account.
  • Install the bambuser App on your mobile phone.
  • This is optionally but you can link bambuser to your facebook and twitter accounts which will allow your live broadcasts to be posted to twitter and facebook.
  • Run the app on your mobile phone and your live.
  • Again optional but if you have your own website or blog you can put a widget on there for easy viewing.






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Brian Moreau Live Video Stream from HTC Desire Android Mobile Phone
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