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Prosopo-Tyflous { fAce-blinD }

Face Blind

No contrary to its name this device doesn’t make you blind but rather it is able to see yet without eyes.
By eyes I mean the electronic equivalent which would normally be a camera.
Instead this device uses the latest in smart materials to sense presence and movement.
This presence is converted into a multicoloured array of light which mimic your movements.

The name was derived from the word Prosopagnosia which is a medical term for a condition known as face blindness of which I suffer. Prosopo-Tyflous is Greek for Face Blind.
This condition makes it difficult or sometimes even impossible for the sufferer to recognise faces. When this happens we have to rely on other senses to identify the person. Usually it is by voice but if I am not interacting directly with that person then movement can be used to help identify someone.

We all move in a unique way so Prosopo-Tyflous is also capable of responding in an individual way. This induces direct interaction between the operator and the device.

Built around the Arduino which is a mini microprocessor based, electronics prototyping platform, allows the device to be used in a number of interesting and varied applications including, fun and gaming, health, learning, control and maybe even scientific instrumentation.

Sensory Aid
Neutrino Detector

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Prosopo-Tyflous (fAce-blinD) An AI Project 2013 - 2014
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