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I found a Space Ship on Google Maps

Space Ship found on Google MapsI found a Space Ship on Google Maps

I was looking for a business using Street View on Google Maps and I found what looks very much like a Space Ship in the sky.

Either Aliens have really landed or it is maybe an Air Ship or one of those advertising balloons but without an advert on it!

If you want to look for yourself to check that I am not making this up or have edited the photo in any way type in postcode N15 6RH into Google and then Click Maps.

That should put you on Overbury Road London UK.
Use the map controls to place the man on the corner of Overbury Road and Tewkesbury Road facing towards the dead end of Tewkesbury Road.
If you don’t know how to do this follow these instructions.

1) Put you mouse over the little orange man in the control bar of the map. (see photo). Enable Stree View
You will notice he leans forward ready!
2) Press and hold the left mouse button (don’t let go)
3) Move your mouse across the map and he follows.
You will also notice a Green Circle appears below him.
This is that actual marker you place on the street. (Ignore the actual position of the man).
As you position the dot over that position the dot will change to an arrow.
Try to position the arrow in the direction of the dead end of Tewkesbury Road.
4) Finally let go of your Mouse.

That action is called Drag and Drop. (Click to drag, un-click to drop)

You should now be looking towards a tower block and if you look above it your see the same photo of the Space Ship. (You may have to zoom in but you can’t drive all the way up the street because the Google Car didn’t!)



Readers comments >

Date:  28-04-2011 03:02:54
From:  Brian
Location: London
Well that’s interesting Smith, it says “No manipulation detected”! Yet the photo is obviously edited as it has text written on the photo but the text was not added with Photoshop. I can assure you though the “UFO” was not added and it can be seen in Google Street View go and look.

Date:  27-04-2011 18:17:21
From:  Smith
Photoshop Killer tells you whether the image was Photoshopped. Just submit the suspicious image and you can get the result. JPEG file's exif tags are used to do such classifications.

Date:  30-04-2011 15:32:57
From:  Stephen
Location: Burbage
Look to the right you'll see a pole coming from the ground a few feet away, that pole is a street light without the lamp, now look at your UFO again :-) seems there's been an image stitching issue on this pic.

Date:  15-01-2012 14:52:40
From:  justine moran
Location: leeds
its not a ufo its a street light.

Date:  18-03-2012 17:18:09
From:  Josh Paramore


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I found a Space Ship on Google Maps : January 2011
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