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Google is Poison, Facebook is not my friend

Facebook Friend Blocked

Ok this is just a small article or rather more of a gripe about how some websites control what we can do or say.

Facebook is not my friend
The first example of this is Facebook
While attempting to add an old school friend Facebook decided that this person was not really my friend and thus prevented me from adding them.

How dare Facebook decide who my friends are?


Google is Poison
The next culprit is Google who like to filter the pages that get added to its search index.
They have invented a term called “Poison Keyword” quite what the complete word list contains I do not know but “Search Engine” is one term that they include.
Basically if any of the “Poison Keywords” exists in your webpage it will not be added to its index and thus never found.

Google Poision Keywords

But we need regulation don’t we
Now don’t get me wrong I do believe the internet should indeed be policed and who better to do this than the owners of the website itself.
They should certainly be attempting to prevent spam and fraudulent or illegal activity however deciding a word in the text of you website is poison or who you’re allowed to add as your friend list is control in the wrong direction in my view.

I think Facebook maybe started this in reply to the criticism it received by people publishing the fact that “Facebook Friends” are not real friends. This became the basis of a joke for comedians and the tabloids.
Additionally it was probably introduced as some members of Facebook were misusing the application to build large groups or networks to simply spam them.
The latter is justified and should be controlled but if your going to introduce such a poor method of combating abuse then at least introduce a method to appeal against your wrong assumption.
Surly the option for the friend request to be accepted or denied suffices.

Now with regards to Google’s Poison I find it ironic that it has any words or terms that fit this category and if I was to choose any it would be phrases like “How to make $1BILLION on the Internet” and not ban words that describe what Google is!

Please let me know if your thoughts and views on this or if you discover more poison or examples of filtering or control.

If you would like to support my cause please join the Facebook group.
How dare Facebook decide who my friends are



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Google is Poison, Facebook is not my friend
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