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Tottenham Court Road Computer Fair London (April 2010)

I have decided to write a small article about the Tottenham Court Road Computer Fair. The reason behind this is because there was once a time when I would visit the fair two or three times a month, I had not been for several years though and to avoid a wasted journey (time is precious these days) I thought I would check first to ensure the fair is still operating.

How did I go about that? Well the same way I do everything these days, online!
A simple task I here you say, well that’s what I thought too.
I typed “Tottenham Court Road Computer Fair London” into a popular search engine and received the following links.

The first link that came up

Tottenham Court Road Computer Fair London

This looks very promising and clearly uses the terms “Computer Fairs” and “Tottenham Court Road” however their web site does not give any information about such a fair it only discusses another in Stratford East London.
I checked the websites source code to discover that although they have no information on the Tottenham Court Road fair they do use those words in the META Keywords Tag.

I decided to contact them by clicking the Contact Us link and sent an email only to have the email instantly returned.
It would appear there is some kind of domain discrepancy.

london computer fair


I found the authors email address also in the META Tag and thus sent them an email too asking if the fair was still running? I received a reply a few days later from Al Gerrie stating “Sorry only Stratford is open now...”

stratford computer fair author

I also found one or two other links and which again did nothing to enlighten my query, the second link above oddly had some postings that appeared to be dated in the future! Another seemed to suggest the place was becoming a ghost town which was dated early 2009 I posted a comment on this blog asking if anybody knew if it was still running.

A friend suggested I phone the UCL which is where the event is held, I dismissed this assuming nobody would answer on a Saturday however to my amazement someone did answer who assured me it was still running.

And just to prove it I took a few photos.

Computer Fair UCL Building
Computer Fair UCL Inside

Also I would like to add although the computer fair is widely known as the Tottenham Court Road Computer Fair it is actually located in the UCL Windeyer Building on the corner of Cleaveland and Howland Street.

It has however shrunk a little in size, I remember when it was split between both sides of the road and occupied two large rooms in one of the buildings, now sadly it is a much smaller affair but you can be assured these traders all appeared reputable, stocked the latest products and more importantly are experts in their field.

Sadly though due to its shrunken size I may next time revert back to the Stratford Computer Fair

As you can see I came home with parts to build a top spec computer for a very reasonable price.
A word of warning, arrange for someone to pick you up and don’t struggle on the tube  as I did because lugging all them goodies home is a nightmare.

  • Gigabyte H55M-UD2H Motherboard
  • Intel Core i3-540 Processor
  • Kingston KVR1333 4GB Memory
  • Western Digital 500GB Hard Drive
  • Gigabyte Setto 1000 Tower
  • 500W PSU
  • Windows XP SP2

God I need a hair cut.

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Computer parts from tottenham court road computer fair
College computer fair

Oh and just in case you was wondering the official web site is @

I guess they need to do some search engine optimization on their website.

It’s also amusing they all claim to be the biggest.


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Tottenham Court Road Computer Fair London
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