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Your website number one

Your website number one, guaranteed!

Ok there are millions of people out there who claim they can get your web site ranked number one in the Internet search engines and some will charge you a small fortune to do so.
There are also a million theories as to how this is best achieved but I am going to tell you the truth based on simple research and simple tests I have carried out myself.


Fact ! You're number one
Firstly back to the first statement that there are lots of SEO companies who claim they can get your site ranked in the top ten, there is nothing hard about this.
Take any name of a site you know and type it into any search engine and provided the name of the site matches the actual domain name it will naturally be number one or very close to it.
The important conclusion to note here is search engines generally look firstly for a domain name matching your search term however some search engines may favor another domain containing the searched for word in its actual domain name.
I will explain how this can happen later.

Have you got your own name?
Making comparisons like this allows you to quickly realize that the domain name you chose will decide your ranking and success however the main problem here is most words in the dictionary are already taken so if you was thinking of making a web site about cats for example called forget it.
For most people it is not even possible to register you own birth name!

Call it, what it’s about
Ok so if you can’t call your domain cats be more specific and add an additional term like domestic-cats or even domestic-tabby-cats this will greatly increase your chances of being found by searches consisting of those words.

First at your game
If you go for a totally unconnected or meaningless word like then you will have to rely on advertising and building a brand as facebook have done.
Note sites like facebook and ebay were new ideas and have become successful by everybody talking about the great new craze.
Now everybody is attempting to reinvent the wheel by copying the idea but unless you are going to spend a small fortune on advertising and building that brand not one of the copy cats will ever come close, no matter how much you optimize your site.

It is even doubtful any copies even with heavy advertising will ever come close as we i.e. the public tends to stick with what we know and trust.
Success will come to the radically new ideas which we are yet to discover.

More is better than one
Ok so let’s assume you’re not inventing a new craze and you wish to make a web site offering some service.
If you can’t register the actual service name use the service name with another word relating to that service.
For example or this will ensure you site will be ranked somewhere for that term even if not in the top ten.
Once word and mouth gets around and jimmies cars is recommended to another you will be easily found on the internet by simply typing jimmies cars.

IL put a spell on you, use some magic
It is important here to recognize that any oddly spelt words or just hard to spell words should not be used however some success has been achieved by registering names similar to existing top and well know sites only misspelled.
A surprising number of hits can be achieved this way.

DOT COM is better than DOT CO.UK
One more thing to mention here is the fact that for reasons unknown a DOT COM website will almost always rank higher than a DOT CO.UK website.
Frankly I would only buy the dot domain to prevent someone copying your site or idea.

The keywords
As explained your domain name ideally should be made up of words that explain what you do or sell and in the case of a brand, your brand name. These words can be termed key words.
You should use keywords throughout your website relating to your topic however the more words you use the more each word becomes diluted and equally the more often a word is used the more powerful it becomes.
For example a web site selling car parts which includes words such as cars, oil and brake disks will be competing with millions of other sites selling the same parts.
If you only sell oil for example you will have less competition for a search of car oil and as a result a higher ranking than the site with many car part names.
To best explain this consider there are 100 sites selling cars.
Searching for cars returns all 100 searches.
Suppose 50 of them also sell fast cars.
Search for fast cars and you will only get half the number of results however you will also get returned sites using the keyword ‘fast’!

The balancing act
Few services just offer one product so the trick is to make a balance and maximize or highlight your main product or specialty.
This is achieved by tuning your keywords to form the correct density or just better known in the trade as keyword density.
All SEO theories agree this is a very important exercise.

Obtaining the correct keyword density balance
This can only be achieved by editing the content of you web site despite what some companies will tell you it is imposable to make a site rank number one without optimizing the content for the correct keyword density and in some cases this may mean radically rewriting the content of your pages, removing non relevant content and making good use of your keywords throughout your whole website.

The right tool for the job
Keyword density is a complicated affair and the result is based on the number of times words are used and where and how they are used.
Fundamentally the rules are simple but in practice it is beyond most programmers’ abilities to simply look at a page and determine its top keyword phrases.
Professionals use programs or tools which analyze the page or site to help you make changes and optimize the content.
Done correctly vey good results can be achieved however there are many tools available for this task and again SEO businesses making and selling SEO tools will all tell you their tool is the best but in reality having used some of these tools analysis results vary considerably.

Congratulations!! You are now ranked Number 1

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