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The Large Hadron Collider

Ok this is going to be a very short article on this device because what I know about particle physics you could write on the back of a postage stamp so I am not in any way going to give any technical explanation of what is going on deep in the ground of Geneva or the implications it may or may not have on mankind.

My personal view is however one of anticipation, confusion and excitement.

I certainly doubt it will ever tell us where we all come from but I am sure we will learn something from it.





Is it dangerous?
I am sure the scientist has explanations for the fact that it is buried 100 meters below ground in Geneva which happens to be the place in the world where the rock is the hardest know to man. Additionally it is encased in 6 feet of concrete and they use words like Terror Electron Volts.
You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realise they are either protecting it from someone or protecting us from something.
Also you don’t spend a googleplex of dollars for a hunch.

What I can’t get my head around is if they are looking for something that we don’t know if it even exists, how can we be so sure that upon finding it or creating it, it will have no harmful effects. What did we build when we discovered the power of the Atom?

Was there a beginning?

I also don’t understand the fundamental question, why does Time have to have a beginning anyway? The concept of a beginning is incomprehensible. Surly something was happening before the big bang. But then the question is what and why. We could go on asking that till the beginning of Time!
If you’re religious, God is the creator but my question is who made God then, and where did the creator of God come from? There simply just can’t ever be a beginning.

Does time exist?

Time to me is simply a man made measurement of nothing, it doesn’t exist in reality which is simply why all the formula’s break down when Time = 0

If you’re doing an experiment you might plot the results against Time. Your graph will start when Time = 0, that’s fine but you can’t plot the results before you started the experiment because you was not taking measurements. The object you measured however did exist before you started taking the measurements so you could make a guess as to what it was doing before you started to measure it, but you could never be certain you would be correct. The point is Time existed before T = 0 but we will never know for certain what was happening at any point in Time before that.

My vision for the outcome will be that one day they will discover that in the moments before the big bang there was a group of scientist who built a Large Hadron Collider…. The rest is history.

Bang Bang!!

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