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Hacking Google Maps API

How to put map markers on embedded maps.


If you want to display markers at specific latitude and longitude locations on Google maps you have to use Static Maps. Or I believe pay for business use.

I wanted to use the interactive map and I also wanted to display markers so I have discovered two ways that you can do this with the Google Maps Embed API.

One map marker
The first and most simple way if you only want to display one marker is to simply enter the latitude and longitude into the search query thus.

Note the method above used the PLACE mode.



Direction Map Markers
By using the Directions mode you can display a directions path between two points or effectively display start and end markers for two sets of coordinates thus.

Ok it is only possible to display one marker and it is not technically a hack but it is a method of displaying location markers that is not described in the embed guide documentation.

But it is perfect for my application.


In order to use the embed mode you need to obtain an access key from Google and enable Google Maps Embed API service.

I think it is also possible to add multiple markers using the Java Script method but for this example I just wanted to keep things simple and not be limited by API call limits.


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Hacking Google Maps API
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