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Google Street View

While enjoying a late Sunday afternoon beer in bar, Soho London I was experimenting with my new Olympus E510 DSLR camera attempting to capture the lighting effect created by the tall windows.

I also managed to capture the wonderfully clear reflection in a window of the buildings opposite when all of a sudden I spot something unusual in another window.

window reflection

It was not till it moved on past I noticed what it was, it was the Google Cam capturing images of streets for their new Google mapping application so I quickly got outside where I could take a couple of rare shots of this iconic and controversial object.



google street view cam

Google Street View Car Cam

The official name is “Google Street View” and was launched mid 2007 the vehicles take 360 panoramic views which can be viewed on “Google Maps”.

The “Google Map” site can be found at


You will need to zoom in and select “Photos” from the “More” options menu and you will then see some photos that have been added to the map but oddly I was unable to find any of the panoramic view images but there is a link to which appears to be the Google official map community that you are able to join and upload your own pictures of streets and buildings you visit anywhere in the world.

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