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Welcome to my Technology Hub

My name is Brian Moreau and I am a technology entrepreneur.

I have interests and skills in a wide range of technologies however my main area of expertise is in information technology.
I have implemented several successful ventures and I am always striving to envision and design innovative ideas.
If you have an idea you can depend on me to implement it.

Not just another website design company but a total solution provider for almost any business requiring a dominant online presence.


Technology is all around us and plays a major part of all our lives even if we don’t immediately recognise it. We are now fully dependant on technology both physically and mentally. For some they have little or no choice other than to depend on it for day to day survival.
While there is no doubt technology is a benefit to our lives it continues to advance exponentially, new ideas and inventions are pushed into our everyday lives often depriving us time to study the impact on society or even our own existence as a human race.
Technology can both help our survival and destroy it.

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Brian Moreau, Technology Entrepreneur, London
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