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Importing SIM Contacts to the HTC Desire

How to import or copy your SIM contacts into the HTC Desire

Normally a simple operation on the most basic of phones however it appears from the vast number of mobile phone blogs that I was not alone in trying to work out how this is achieved. One blogger even sent his phone back believing it impossible!

Fear not, it is possible, in just 10 simple steps!

With the SIM you want to copy the contacts and numbers from in the HTC Desire do the following.

1) Press “Phone”
2) Press “Menu Button”
3) Select “People”
4) Press “Menu Button”
5) Press “Import / Export”
6) Press “Import from SIM”
7) Press “Phone” Not sure what the Google option will do.
8) Press “Menu” Again
9) Press “Select All”
10) Press “Save”

You should be rewarded with the screen on the right.
Sorry about the poor photography!

Importing SIM Contacts to the HTC Desire

I can’t add additional contact information such as email addresses or assign photos to a contact on my HTC Desire

The reason for this is probably because although it may appear the contacts have already been seamlessly and automatically copied to your new phone after first switching it on, don’t be fooled, they have not.

The numbers or contacts that are being displayed from the SIM card can be identified by a SIM icon on the left hand side of each contact. Opening that contact further confirms it is a SIM contact by displaying the word SIM in the top right hand corner of the screen. At first switch on all of your contacts will probably have a SIM icon next to them.

Don’t worry your not stupid and nor are the other people who have struggled with this. I too tried for ages to edit these contacts and frustratingly could not fathom out why I could not add additional data to the contact before realising that it was stored on the SIM and not the phone.

I thus realised my problem was “How do I copy my SIM Contacts to my phone?”
See above for answer.

HTC Desire SIM icon

Once the contacts are stored on your HTC Desire you can add the additional contact information and personalise each contact with a photo.
To do this simply select a contact with a head icon next to it.
I am as yet unsure if I can hide the SIM contacts from the display to avoid having contacts duplicated on the screen.

All my contacts are displayed in a strange format.

The contacts in this format “firstName;lastName/1” are SIM Contacts.
See above for answer.

HTC Desire SIM Contact
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Readers comments >

Date:  13-01-2011 06:15:00
From:  Brian
Location: London
Sorry I know this was a popular subject that many of you had responded to however I lost the comments due to a server change.

Date:  15-01-2011 09:49:38
From:  khblue
Location: Bristol, UK
I wondered if you had figured out how to synch via Outlook address book ? We've output from HTC Touch and imported into HTC Desire , using HTC synch, but now can only see surnames in the address book for many contacts :( Seems like fields have been lost. Any thoughts? Help would be much appreciated. Kevin

Date:  15-05-2011 08:41:28
From:  Dion Mollica
Location: Perth Australia
I have followed the instructions on this webpage and now successfully imported my contacts including email addresses (that were omitted before), but now I've noticed that all my email addresses are listed as '.com' instead of ''. When I tried to edit and add .au on the end of the email addresses, I've run out of characters (& its only 4 characters before the @!)! Please help!

Date:  19-05-2011 04:41:41
From:  nanunanu
need to know the battery voltage for the htc to do a comparison on the power consumption. also $24billion cost? either include the cost of just this component or include the whole development cost of the HTC, not the retail price.

Date:  01-08-2011 05:10:29
From:  Zana H. Mahmood
Thank you very much for your help.

Date:  02-12-2011 14:13:12
From:  stephanie lindsay
Location: Ireland
Oh my god! I've been tryng to figure how to import my contact for hour. Thank you so much. You Rock!

Date:  26-03-2013 16:16:22
From:  chris higgins
Location: uk
how can I move phone numbers from phone storage to my sim card ? cheers chris

Date:  03-05-2013 07:17:51
From:  Ian Rawlings
I am changing the SIM in my HTC desire to another provider. Is it possible to move my photos to new SIM if so how do I do it please?

Date:  29-06-2013 15:13:41
Location: Dubai, UAE
Guys, could you please share how to import contact from phone to sim card. I have htc ryhm android phone.

Date:  31-08-2013 04:00:24
From:  Albert Connelly
Location: Scotland
I have imported my contacts from sim to phone cheers . Now I have a contact list with every contacts name twice on phone and on sim .Is there anyway I can only have one contact on the list with both sim and phone ?

Date:  21-11-2014 11:28:25
From:  nivetha
Location: tamilnadu
I Lost all my contacts when i resettng the phone storage..i copied all the contacts to sd card and removd it.then i startd restng now i cant able to see my recent calls and im unable to make a call..hw should i get it back??


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Importing SIM Contacts to the HTC Desire January 2011
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