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Can’t send or receive MMS messages on HTC Desire

(Should work with all android phones)

Ok this appears to be a common fault with the HTC Desire.
I am sure that my phone did send MMS messages when I first had it but at some point or another possibly after installing an application I discovered that receiving and sending of picture messages failed.

I believe the phone displayed a “Downloading” message for a very long time before finally giving error “Downloading Failed”
When sending an MMS message the phone gave error “Failed to send” and the message would just sit in the “Unsent” folder.

Like you tried to find a solution online but failed. I was amassed at some of the so called solutions I found on message boards, everything from uninstalling applications, incorrect MMS settings and even a so called fix by installing an app!
FFS logic tells you that you should not need to install a program on your mobile phone to enable it to send MMS messages; it should be capable of doing that straight out of the box.
One message board post revealed that one customer had actually returned his phone in belief that Android mobile phones can’t send or receive MMS messages to and from non Android phones. THIS IS NOT TRUE DON’T RETURN YOUR PHONE.

I even looked on my network provider’s website Three and hoped to find the solution, often network providers have the SMS and MMS settings in the websites help pages.
I couldn’t find it but their was a function to enter your mobile phone number and have the setting sent direct to your phone, great, nooo its didn’t work!
No settings were ever received.

As a last resort I decided to phone my network providers support line, after quickly rushing the support technician guy through all the usual nonsense such as removing the battery and SIM card I asked him if the MMS settings are on the Three website?

Yes he replied and gave me the link.
Now oddly several months later the link didn’t work or the page has been removed but I did find the MMS settings for a Samsung Android mobile phone which appear to be the same so I will also assume these settings will work for any Android mobile phone on the Three network.
So these are the steps to solve your MMS sending and receiving problem out for good.

  • Go to your phones”Main Settings” Menu
  • Select “Wireless & Networks”
  • Scroll down and select “Mobile Networks” NOT mobile network.
  • Select “Access Point Names
  • Now this is the important bit don’t believe any of the rubbish you have read online or what your service provide may tell you but you only need one APN in this list. You do not need one for MMS one for Internet and one for MMS.
    If you have others delete them and I would recommend rather than edit any of them you delete them all.

  • Starting from fresh press the Menu Button” and select “New APN”
  • Fill out the following fields leaving everything else blank or <Not set>
Name 3
Proxy <Not set>
Port <Not set>
Username <Not set>
Password <Not set>
Server <Not set>
MMS proxy
MMS port 8799
MMS protocoll WAP 2.0
MCC 234
MNC 20
Authentication type None
APN type *

Yes the APN type is an asterisk *

Save these settings, exit the menus, switch off and on again and you are now able to send and receive MMS on your android mobile phone.

 I am not going to open comments for this article as yet as there should be nothing to discuss as this fix will work.
In the unlikely event it doesn’t please inform me via my contact page.
I would welcome feedback regarding compatibility of these settings for other mobile phones.

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Canít send or receive MMS messages on HTC Desire January 2011
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